Improving the Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge of Prospective Teachers through Multisensory Approaches: Experience from Indonesia

Yurniwati Yurniwati



This research aims to find information about how to apply multisensory approaches to improve conceptual and procedural knowledge of prospective students of Jakarta State University. This research uses Classroom Action Research method using Kemmis and Taggart model which implemented in two cycles. The data were collected through questionnaires and observation sheets. Data is processed descriptively. The research findings show that multisensory approaches can enhance conceptual and procedural knowledge through concrete, visual and symbolic stages. The kinesthetic aspect is carried out through the use of visual aids, the visual aspect is carried out by making the image and the audytori aspects occur in the discussion. This research is expected to give input to the lecturer about the role of multisensory approaches to the improvement of conceptual and procedural knowledge of the prospective students.    


Key Words: Pengetahuan konseptual, Pengetahuan Prosedural, Model Multisensori


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