Khif attains Sinta S2 Score (accredited B)

Khazanah Informatika applied for accreditation evaluation by April 2018. Indonesian national accreditation board or Akreditasi Jurnal Nasional (Arjuna) after a thorough assessment decided that Khazanah Informatika deserves a Sinta S2 score. The level is just below Sinta S1 score, which is the best level in Sinta scoring which ranges from S1 to S6.

Sinta S1 score is equivalent to accredited A in the past system, which is commonly held by Indonesian journals that are indexed by reputable indexal such as Scopus or Thomson. Meanwhile, Sinta S2 score is equivalent to accredited B. Sinta S3 to Sinta 6 are scores for non accredited journals, which differ one to another on the quality of journals.

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