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By services regular of education, so become accomplish service for gifted student ignore. It has been nesecerry streghtening the Madrasa institution for competent give of serve through diversivication of learning so that gifted student avoid the underachievement and potential of inovaton and productie them not lost. one of method of empowering to the Madrasa institution through implementation of semester credit system that have capacity to follow of character and learning style of gifted students. Methode of the research used R&D and method of gathering data with interview method. Data analysis with folw analysis. Final result of this research is conversion of packet curriculum method to SKS and application of curriculum based SKS method special for gifted SKS. Research location in Madrasa Amanatul Ummah at Pacet Mojokerto east Java. Model of pocket curriculum convertion appreciated 1.88 hours  and model of proposing of curriculum based SKS using duration time about 4 semester with long time have been instruction 4 months. SKS that taken every semester on everage as many as 40 SKS. For accomplish of curriculum applied compacting curriculum to discovery essential courses.


Dengan layanan pendidikan yang regular, maka layanan untuk siswa cerdas menjadi terabaikan. Diperlukan penguatan kelembagaan Madrasah untuk mampu melayani melalui diversifikasi layanan belajar agar siswa cerdas tidak mengalami underachievement dan potensi inovatif dan produktifnya hilang. Satu cara untuk menguatkan Madrasah melalui penerapan sistem kredit semester yang mampu mengikuti karakter dan irama belajar siswa cerdas.Metode penelitian menggunakan metode R&D dan metode pengumpulan data menggunakan metode interview. Analisis data menggunakan analisis mengalir. Hasil akhir penelitian ini adalah menemukan model konversi kurikulum paket kedalam SKS dan model penerapan kurikulum berbasis SKS khusus siswa berkecerdasan tinggi, lokasi penelitian di Madrasah Amanatul Ummah Pacet Mojokerto.Model konversi kurikulum paket dihargai 1.88 jam dan model penyusunan kurikulum berbasis SKS menggunakan durasi waktu 4 semester dengan 4 bulan kegiatan belajar. SKS yang ditempuh setiap semester rata-rata 40 SKS. Untuk keterlaksanaan kurikulum dilakukan pemampatan kurikulum untuk menemukan materi esensial.


gifted student; convertion; and compacting curriculum

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