Critical Land Detection using Remote Sensing Device and Geographic Information (Case Study of Critical Land Basic of Catchments Area, Alang, Wonogiri)

Beny Harjadi(1*)

(1) Departemen Kehutanan, Badan Litbang Kehutanan Balai Penelitian dan Pengembangan Teknologi Pengelolaan DAS
(*) Corresponding Author


Work criteria and indicator of Catchments Area need to be determined because the success and the failure of cultivating Catchments Area can be monitored and evaluated through the determined criteria. Criteria Indicators in utilizing land, one of them is determined based on the erosion index and the ability of utilizing land, for analyzing the land critical level. However, the determination of identification and classification of land critical level has not been determined; as a result the measurement of how wide the real critical land is always changed all the year. In this study, it will be tried a formula to determine the land critical/eve/ with various criteria such as: Class KPL (Ability of Utilizing Land) and the difference of the erosion tolerance value with the great of the erosion compared with land critical level analysis using remote sensing devices. The aim of studying land critical level detection using remote sensing tool and Geographic Information System (SIG) are:
1. The backwards and the advantages of critical and analysis method
2. Remote Sensing Method for critical and classification
3. Critical/and surveyed method in the field (SIG) Collecting and analyzing data can be found from the field survey and interpretation of satellite image visually and using computer. The collected data are analyzed as:
a. Comparing the efficiency level and affectivity of collecting biophysical data through field survey, sky photo interpretation, and satellite image analysis.
b. Comparing the efficiency level and affectivity of land critical level data that are found from the result of KPL with the result of the measurement of the erosion difference and erosion tolerance.


Critical Land; Criteria of Critical Land; Remote Sensing; SIG

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