Legal Semiotics Approach: Understanding Asymmetrical Symbols Behind Text of Positive Legal Norms

Tashya Panji Nugroho(1*), Septiana Na'afi(2)

(1) Universitas Islam Indonesia
(2) Universitas Islam Negeri Walisongo
(*) Corresponding Author


Legal language in the text of positive legal norms that appear ideal, neutral, and calm at the surface level, can store a variety of stresses and the accumulation of symbolic distortion behind them. The major premise that appears in the text of positive legal norms has the potential to be boarded or indeed deliberately offered to be ridden by certain interests. All forms of injustice and uselessness that occur, do not rule out the possibility of resting on a series of phrases in the major premise. Support by fusion of horizons philosophical study and intertextuality theory is able to bring legal semiotic approach network. The semiotic legal approach network can be used as an alternative reading capital to reveal the surface distorted symbolic elements behind the text of positive legal norms.


Legal semiotics; Symbolic; Fusion of horizon; Intertextuality

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