Yogi Prasetyo(1*)

(1) Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo
(*) Corresponding Author


Legal problems that occur in Indonesia are due to legal irregularities that cause tug-of-war for various interests in the law, so that the law is not clear and the law is unable to solve the problem. It is time for us to return the law to the way it should be. To restore the law requires a new paradigm with a strong character, so that it can touch on the fundamental nature of the law itself. Therefore, legal etiquette appears as a paradigm of legal rescue in Indonesia. Legal etiquette as a paradigm of legal rescue is a model that can be used to carry out certain thoughts and physical activities in overcoming various legal problems. Legal etiquette is the main basis for humans in using the law. Etiquette law is a law that is purified by rejecting all human interests. Legal etiquette accepts relatively all ideas about the law produced by the human mind, but legal etiquette also accepts absolutely the laws that have been determined by God.


Etiquette; Law; Paradigm

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