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Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta Online Journals is the online journal portal managed by the Faculties, Departments, Research Centers, and other Units in the UMS campus.

As a center of education and research, UMS is committed to boost the quality and quantity of scientific articles in Indonesia through an online journal system facilities for the academic community in which UMS will publish and manage Periodicals Scientific Journals. This commitment is also part of UMS support for the policy of Higher Education in Indonesia to increase the number of scientific publications.

The journals published here is under monitoring and supervising from Lembaga Pengembangan Publikasi Ilmiah dan Buku Ajar Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (LPPI UMS) to ensure the best-practice in journal management and publishing.

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Indigenous: Jurnal Ilmiah Psikologi

Indigenous: Jurnal Ilmiah Psikologi

Indigenous: Jurnal Ilmiah Psikologi (ISSN 2541-450X) is a media for Psychology and other related disciplines which focus on the finding of indigenous research. Indigenous is peer-reviewed scientific journal in psychology. All empirical based studies are welcome to published, especially with topics related to indigenous and/or islamic values. Each article will pass through a thorough selection from the editorial board and a blind peer-review process.
Journal's DOI: 10.23917/indigenous

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Indonesian Journal on Learning and Advanced Education (IJOLAE)

Indonesian Journal on Learning and Advanced Education (IJOLAE)Indonesian Journal on Learning and Advanced Education (IJOLAE) is an open-accessed and peer-reviewed scholarly international journal published by the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta Indonesia in collaboration with Indonesian Educational Expert Association.

IJOLAE focuseson:
  • Advanced Education and Learning;
  • Challenging Education and Learning;
  • Character Education and Learning;
  • Distinctive Education and Learning;
  • Education Management Inovations;
  • Enterpreneurship Education and Learning;
  • Innovative Learning Design;
  • Learning Methods on Teaching Values;
  • Literacy of Education, Sains, Learning Technology;
  • Political Legacies and Critical Education;
  • Professional Development Teaching;
  • Progressive Education and Learning; and
  • Other Issues Innovations Education from an Excellent International Educational.

IJOLAE aims to promote creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in education in order to face global challenges such as education in the disruption era, internet of things in education, child-friendly education, HOTS-based education, STEAM Education, blended learning, humanity literation education, life-skill learning, digital class, and other educational innovations.

Submit your manuscripts today (in English) through our online system! The authors should refer to the Author Guidelines in writing the manuscript with attached Declaration of Originallity (DoO) (download the DoO Form here), attach the CTA and DoO on the "Supplementary Files" attachment when submitting. The authors are also encouraged to use citation manager software such as Mendeley, Zotero, or any other software in writing the manuscript.

The journal has been indexed and abstracted in various indexing databases: DOAJ | Google Scholar | Garuda | Crossref | ROAD | BASE | Scientific Indexing Services | Researchbib | One Search | Dimension |

Creative Commons License

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Iseedu: Journal of Islamic Educational Thoughts and Practices

Iseedu: Journal of Islamic Educational Thoughts and PracticesIseedu: Journal of Islamic Educational Thoughts and Practices is to challenge exellence in professional education by promoting forward-research-finding scholar, progressive and innovative, to bridge the gap between education and professional practice to inspire and challenge tomorrow’s professional clinicians in supportive Islamic learning environment.

Manuscripts must be original and shown to be academically interesting to an international and/or national audience. For Iseedu goal is to promote the Islamic educational thoughts and practices by publishing relevant peer-reviewed islamic educational studies.

Any visitor to this site can browse the abstracts, read the contents and download the PDF files. You need to be a registered user and log in to upload your manuscript. Registration is free and your contact information will only be used to inform you when a new issue is published.

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Ishraqi merupakan Terbitan Berkala Ilmiah (TBI) dalam bidang kajian keislaman. Ishraqi diterbitkan oleh Fakultas Agama Islam Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta. Jurnal ini memuat hasil penelitian, pemikiran original (reflektif) dan resensi buku baik dalam bidang keislaman dengan bahasa Indonesia, Inggris maupun bahasa Arab.

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