Sosialisasi Pemanfaatan Software Open Source di SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Surakarta

Husni Thamrin(1*), Dedi Ary Prasetya(2), Ady Purna Kurniawan(3)

(*) Corresponding Author


Embrace of open source software (OSS) has not been widespread although users of
OSS will gain a lot of benefits and the society and the nation will get many advantages.
This writing describes an observation to the understanding and attitude of a group of
students towards the use of OSS. The students come from SMK Muhammadiyah 1
Surakarta which is a vocational school in Surakarta owned by Muhammadiyah
organization. A survey was conducted during an OSS campaign. Students were faced
with two sets of questionnaires; the first set was given prior and the seoncd after the
campaign. The first set was aimed at identifying the computer literacy of the students
and their understanding of the open source concept. The second set was aimed at
exploring their understanding and attitude towards the use of OSS. Observation showed
that the campaign activity improved students understanding of open source concept
and enhance their attitude to use OSS. However, students were to some extent pragmatic when they were opted to select which software to use to accomplish a task.


sosialisasi, software open source, software terbuka

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