Sunaryo HS

DOI: https://doi.org/10.23917/kls.v20i1.4957


The existence of focus in a sentence can be recognized from the available mark- ers used. Elements of sentence being focussed get “specific attention” within an utterance. The specific elements “are separatd” from the others by means of cer- tain strategies and markers. The strategies and markers include, among others: (1) the order, such as preposing the focussed elements; (2) the use of focussed mark- ers, such as the addition of pewatas (definite), relator yang, clitics –nya, conjunc- tion bahwa, and the word juga; and (3) the construction of specific focus, con- structions which intrinsically posite the distribution of focus by making constrast and repetition.


Key words: fokus, piranti, pengedepanan, dan penambahan.


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