M. Ikhwan Rahmanto

DOI: https://doi.org/10.23917/benefit.v2i2.5483


CV. Babelan Agro Sejahtera (CV. BAS) Bekasi is one of the few small fish feed industry. The company is still survive amid the dominance of large companies in the fish feed market competition. The purpose of this study is to formulate operations strategy of small industrial  of fish feed  to increase their competitiveness. The research data was collected by observation to the company, analyzing secondary data, in-depth interviews with managers, and delivery of AHP questionnaire to the managers of the company and the agribusiness or agroindustry experts. Evaluation of composition and cost of raw materials with the simplex method showed that before minimization of fish feed raw material costs : Rp. 2964.00 / kg and after minimization :  Rp. 2770.00 / kg. This means that the CV. BAS can reduce the cost of raw materials, so the strategy of maintaining low prices can continue. Based on Internal-External Matrix, CV. BAS is in cell IV (grow and build). This means the company should focus of intensif stragety (market penetration, market development, and product development) or inegrations strategy (backward integration, forward integration,  horizontal integrationt. SWOT analysis resulted in three alternative strategies : maintain the prices, increased production capacity, and the development of SCM. Further analysis of AHP prioritize strategies : (1) the development of SCM, (2) increase the production capacity, and (3) maintain the price, which the application must consider four criteria with priority (1) Quality (2) Costs (3) Flexibility, and (4) Delivery.


Analitycal Hierarchy Process, Operations Strategy, Simplex Method, SWOT analysis

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