Bioeksperimen: Jurnal Penelitian Biologi

Bioeksperimen: Jurnal Penelitian BiologiBioeksperimen: Jurnal Penelitian Biologi is a scientific journal Biology Education Department, Faculty Of Teacher Training and Education Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, which focuses on the delivery of information on the results of scientific research conducted by the internal and external academicians UMS especially in the field of Biology.

Bioeksperimen is published two times a year in every March and September. For the requirements for posts/articles can be published in the Journal Bioesperimen then every author is expected to be able to comply with the rules of writing that has been set by the Editorial Board of the Journal Bioeksperimen. Editorial Board reserves the right to change the editorial and systematic writing without changing the substance of the text.

Submit your manuscripts today (in Indonesian) through our online system! The authors should refer to the Bioekspermen: Jurnal Penelitian Biologi Author Guidelines in writing the manuscript, and attach the Copyright Transfer Agreement (CTA) form (download the CTA Form here) and attach the CTA on the "Supplementary Files" attachment when submitting. The authors are also encouraged to use citation manager software such as Mendeley, Zotero, or any other software in writing the manuscript.



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 Bioeksperimen: Jurnal Penelitian Biologi

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 Muhammadiyah University Press

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 Jl. A. Yani 1 Pabelan Kartasura Surakarta 57102



 (0271) 717417 ext. 2326



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Bioeksperimen: Jurnal Penelitian Biologi with eISSN : 2527-2799 | pISSN : 2460-1365 is NATIONALLY ACCREDITED by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education based on the Decree Number 85/M/KPT/2020 until 24 April 2024, acknowledged as SINTA 4 Journal Posted: 2020-04-01



Notice on Publication Fee

We announce that starting in March 2021 edition (Vol 7), Bioeksperimen charges the article publication fee for supporting the cost of wide-open access dissemination of research results, managing the various costs associated with handling and editing of the submitted manuscripts, and the journal management and publication in general, the authors or the author's institution is requested to pay a publication fee for each article accepted. If the manuscript is not accepted, the author does not required to pay any fee. The  fee charge for publishing is Rp 300.000,00.  
Posted: 2020-11-04
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Vol 7, No 1: Maret 2021

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Cover Vol 7, No 1: Maret 2021


Dewi Wahyuni Baderan, Marini Susanti Hamidun, Ramli Utina
Eni Lestari
Ade Damara Gonggoli, Sartika Sari, Helen Oktofiani, Novira Santika, Rini Herlina, Tiara Agatha, Yohanes Edy Gunawan
Zaenal Fanani, Umi Farida, Muhammad Bayu Nirwana
Suparti Suparti, Zaimatu Sholihah
Aminah Asngad, Lina Agustina, Shinta Nur F., Akhadia S. W, Wahyu K. J
Wiwit Probowati, Ika Afifah Nugraheni, Titin Aryani
Lili Chrisnawati, Ayu Sasqia Putri, Haryanto Haryanto