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Vol 5, No 2: July 2022 A Bibliometric Analysis of Zakat Literature from 1964 to 2021 Abstract PDF
Indri Supriani, Sri Iswati, Firsty Izzata Bella, Yunice Karina Tumewang
Vol 5, No 1: January 2022 Adoption of Extended Theory of Planned Behavior to Halal Food Purchasing Decision Admist Pandemic Abstract PDF
Fuad Hasyim
Vol 1, No 1: July 2018 An Enquiry on Fish Selling Culture at South Sumatera: Investigation from Islamic Perspective Abstract PDF
Reno Juwarno
Vol 5, No 1: January 2022 Analysis of Amil Zakat Institutions Financial Performance Prior and During Covid-19 Abstract PDF
Faris Shalahuddin Zakiy, Eqi Suciati, Najim Nur Fauziah
Vol 4, No 1: January 2021 Analysis of Customer’s Decision to Choose Sharia Banking in Surakarta Abstract PDF
Sudarwati Sudarwati, Burhanuddin Ahmad Yani
Vol 2, No 2: July 2019 Analysis Of Effect Of ZIS (Zakat, Infaq, And Shadaqah), Regional Domestic Products Of Bruto, Regional Minimum Wage And Inflation On Levels Poverty In Indonesia 2012 – 2016 Abstract PDF
Fiky Nila Mustika, Eni Setyowati, Azhar Alam
Vol 2, No 2: July 2019 Analysis of Factors Affecting Islamic Insurance Profitability (Case Study Of Sinar Mas Islamic Insurance Period 2011-2017) Abstract PDF
Siti Nurbaya, Azhar Alam
Vol 2, No 1: January 2019 Analysis of Impact of CAR, NPF, BOPO on Profitability of Islamic Banks (Year 2015-2017) Abstract PDF
Wahyu Intan Kusumastuti, Azhar Alam
Vol 2, No 1: January 2019 Analysis Of Islamic Bank Influence On Agricultural Financing Sector Period 2014-2016 Abstract PDF
Tari Lestari
Vol 4, No 2: July 2021 Analysis of the Effect of Word Of Mouth, Religiosity and Purchase Decisions of Alcoholic Beverages with Interest as a Mediation Variable Abstract PDF
Cahyaning Tiyas Rahayu
Vol 3, No 1: January 2020 Analysis of the Efficiency Level of Sharia Rural Financing Bank (SRFB ) Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Abstract PDF
Leyla Mariana, Harun Harun
Vol 6, No 1: January 2023 Best Practice Halal Integrity Management in The Logistic Chain Scheme: Analysis of Opportunities and Challenges Abstract PDF
Darlin Rizki, Moh. Hamzah, Zakiyatul Fakhiroh, Darwin Hendri
Vol 5, No 1: January 2022 Building A Synergy Between The Halal Industry And The Green Industry In The Maqasid Syari'ah Review As The Basis Of Islamic Economics Abstract PDF
Achmad Fageh
Vol 3, No 2: July 2020 Cahsless Society on GoPay: An Islamic Economic Perspective Abstract PDF
Dita Zafani, Moh. Musfiq Arifqi
Vol 4, No 1: January 2021 Characteristics of Moslem Families Economy Based on Maqashid Sharia Perspective Abstract PDF
Faris Shalahuddin Zakiy, Ahmad Muhtadi Ridwan, Achmad Sani Supriyanto
Vol 6, No 1: January 2023 Creative Accounting: Viewed from Risk and Sharia Compliance Perspective Abstract PDF
Muhammad Noor, Sopian Sopian
Vol 6, No 2: July 2023 Determinant of Job Satisfaction and Job Performance among Staff of An Islamic Banks Abstract PDF
Elisa Wulandari, Elfira Maya Adiba, Nurul Izzati Septiana
Vol 6, No 1: January 2023 Determinants of Muzakki Decision-Making to Pay Zakat in Baitulmaal Muamalat Abstract PDF
Yunizar Yunizar, Ola Danel
Vol 1, No 1: July 2018 Determinants of the Industrial Manufacturing Stock’s Holding Period Abstract PDF
Rima Islamiah
Vol 6, No 2: July 2023 Does Islamic Corporate Governance Moderation The Influence of Sharia Financial Performance Toward Islamic Social Reporting? Abstract PDF
Fatimah Az-zahra Wairooy, Slamet Haryono
Vol 3, No 1: January 2020 Economic Empowerment of Pesantren Through Agribusiness (Study On Al-Mawaddah Entrepreneurial Pesantren) Abstract PDF
Muhammad Baqi Mustaghfiri
Vol 3, No 1: January 2020 Factors Influencing the Preference of Customers Towards Islamic Banking: Evidence from Malaysia Abstract PDF
Qosdan Dawami
Vol 2, No 2: July 2019 Fiduciary Dispute Settlement of Murabaha Contract in PT. Al-Ijarah Indonesia Finance Abstract PDF
Riska Wijayanti, Kartika Marella Vanni
Vol 1, No 1: July 2018 Halal Label On Food Products By Mui (Indonesian Ulama Council) And Students Purchasing Decision Of Faculty Of Business And Economic Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta Abstract PDF
Rafi Siregar, Azhar Alam
Vol 6, No 1: January 2023 How Zakat Affects Economic Growth In Three Islamic Countries Abstract PDF
Afief El Ashfahany, Awalul Dini Nur Hidayah, Lukmanul Hakim, Mohd Shahid Bin Mohd Noh
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