Jurnal Teknologi Bahan Alam

Journal Teknologi Bahan Alam is a peer-reviewed and open access journal with periodical publications twice a year. This journal publishes papers realting to the utilization of natural resources including exploration, exploitation, case studies as well as evaluation of environmental and socio-ecological aspect. The article published must be an original research, a review that summarizes various studies with realted topics, or a brief communication that contains research information that is useful for policy makers and stimulates scientific dialogue. All manuscripts should have never been published anywhere else.

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Focus and Scope

We accept articles with topics:

a. Natural resources technology.
b. Food and pharmaceutical technology.
c. Natural exploration, exploitation, and evaluation.
d. Natural resources conservation.
e. Energy from biomass, such as biodiesel, bioethanol and biohydrogen productions.
f. Advanced material from natural resources.
g. Process production of essential oils, natural dyes, and textile.


Journal Name:Jurnal Teknologi Bahan Alam
Journal Abreviation:JTBA
ISSN (Print):2407-8476
ISSN (Online): 
Publisher:Program Studi Teknik Kimia Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta
Editorial Address:Jl. Ahmad Yani, Pabelan, Kartasura, Surakarta 57162


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