School Curriculum and Parents’ Support on Kindergarten Students’ Caring Attitude

Dewi Natalia Puspitasari(1*), Dini Mardila(2), Kartika Kirana(3)

(*) Corresponding Author


Being care is an important attitude that children learn. Nowadays, it
becomes more important when children grow in the environment with working
parents, gadgets, television, and individual society. Therefore, Experimental
Mangunan Kindergarten has four values, and one of the values is ‘being care’. This
research was held to find how school curriculum and parents support students’ caring
attitude. This is a qualitative research with grounded theory method, which is held in
Experimental Mangunan Kindergarten in Yogyakarta. There are two students’ cases
in this research. The respondents of the interview were taken purposively. They were
the school principal, two teachers, and the students’ parents. Data collections were
held by observation, interview, and reading teachers’ journals. The result was that
the two students who have not yet caring to others when first entered Mangunan
School, were grow to have caring attitude after eight months. These findings show
that school curriculum, teachers’ and parents’ relation toward kindergarten students
are important part to grow students’ caring attitude.


experimental Mangunan Kindergarten; well-being; environment; Mangunwijaya

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