Susiati Susiati, Malikatul Laila, Qanitah Maskuroh



Being familiar in “tahsin” rule in Arabic may have influenced ones in pronouncing regressive assimilation [n] in English. The study aims to identify the similarities and differences between English and Arabic with “tahsin” rules based on
the place of articulation and to describe how the students of Mu’allimat program
pronounce regressive assimilation [n] in English. The data collected are the English speech produced by the students of Mu’allimat program in PONPES Al
Mukmin Ngruki Sukoharjo having “tahsin” background, especially English consonants and regressive assimilation [n] and Arabic “nun sakinah” law in “tahsin”
rules. The data are analyzed by technique of comparing Arabic and English viewed
from rules on phonetic base. The results show that (1) the similarities and differences between English consonant sounds and Arabic with “tahsin” rules lies in its
place of articulation; and (2) the students of Mu’allimat program belonging to
khalaqoh tahsinul qur’an have not always pronounced English regressive assimilation [n]better than those who don’t belong to khalaqoh tahsinul qur’an.

Key words: interference, regressive assimilation, tahsin.

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