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Author Guidelines


The manuscripts

  1. The manuscripts represent academic research in economics and development economics discipline. It should contribute novelty or state-of-the-art for academic development or real world application or both. The sentences should be plain and straightforward to avoid ambiguities.
  2. When submitting the manuscript, the author should provide a letter states that the manuscripts have never been, or under consideration to be, published in other journal publication

Structure of the manuscripts

  1. Title. The title should be clear and informative, but does not exceed 12 words.
  2. Author's names and institutions. The author's names should be accompanied by the author's institutions and an email account, without any academic title. For a joint paper, one of the authors should be notified as the corresponding author.
  3. Abstract, keywords, and JEL classification numbers. The abstract should be less than 105 words. Please provide the abstract in both English and Indonesian versions. The key words should be of 3 to 5 words or phrases. Please provide at least one JEL (Journal of Economic Literature) classification number that suits your manuscript, which is available at
  4. Introduction. This section explains the background of the study, a review on the previous researches in the area, and aims of the manuscripts. It should be written without numbers and/or pointers.
  5. Methods. This section describes the tools of analysis along with the data and their sources.
  6. Results and discussion. This section explains the results and discussion of the study.
  7. Conclusion. This section concludes and provides policy implications, if any, of the study. The conclusion(s) should be at the same order with ones discussed in the body of the manuscript.
  8. References. This section lists only the papers, books, or other types of publications referred in the body of the manuscript.

Subjects and Authors Index

The authors should provide an index of subject, namely the specific terms in the manuscript. The authors should also provide the index of authors, namely the key authors of papers referred in the manuscript. Please write the family name followed by the given name.

Specific Writing Format

  1. Estimation result from a software package is not allowed to be directly presented in the paper. They should be presented in equations with the appropriate estimation results, or in a table summary.
  2. Any table should contain only heading and contents or follow the international standart. Please provide only the top and bottom lines, along with the line(s) that separate the heading and the contents. Note(s) and source(s) should be included underneath the table if appropriate. Example:

Table 1: GDP and Inflation Rate, Selected Countries


GDP (Rp Trillion)

Inflation Rate (%)










The Philippines










Note: * indicates forecasted data.

Source: IFS, various years.

    3. Acknowledgment, if any, should be written as the foot-note of the manuscript's title.

General Writing Format

  1. The manuscript is prepared in a quarto paper, single-sided, and single-space format. A new paragraph should start 5 characters from the left margin, using 12-size, Times-new-romans font type.
  2. The manuscript is written in proper English, either British or American English, but not the combination of both.
  3. The manuscript should be between 15 to 20 pages long.
  4. The top and bottom margins are 1 inch.
  5. The title is written using capital letters of 14 font size, centre position.
  6. Sub titles are written using capital letters, 12 font size, started from the left margin.
  7. Sub of sub titles, if any, are written using capital letters only at the beginning of each word except for connecting words. They should be started from the left margin.
  8. Sub of sub of sub titles, if any, are written using capital letters only at the beginning of each word except for connecting words, all in italics. They should be started from the left margin.
  9. References should be those of the last ten years publication (>80%), except for key references (<20%). The references should be in the form of prime references which consist of published journal, working papers, proceeding of a seminar, thesis or dissertation (>80%). Referring to any textbook should be minimized (<20%).
  10. Citation in the text body should be written using the family name and years of publication. Example:
  • a. Hill (2014) suggests that the objective of depreciation is ....
  • b. Inflation targeting would be sufficient (see McCain, 2015).
  • c. The definition of contagion is ... (Wagner, 2010; Rhonda 2015).

   11.  Tables and figures should be presented as follows:

  • a. The name of tables and figures should follow a numbering system (Arabic numbering system). The names of the tables and figures are on the top and bottom parts of the tables, respectively.
  • b. The tables and figures should provide the source of information, if any, at the bottom part of both.

   12.  References should be written in alphabetical order, without any number. They should be written using the following criteria:

          a.  For books, the format should follow the following example:

               Bowen, Harry P., Abraham Hollander, and Jean-Marie Viaene. 2012. Applied Inter­national Trade Analysis: 2nd Edition. Pal­grave Macmillan.

          b.  For papers as part of a book, the format should follow this example:

               Bahl, R. (2000), "How to Design a Fiscal Decentralization," in Sahid, Y. (eds.), Local Dynamics in an Era of Globalization, 25-26, Oxford University Press, London.

          c.  For peer reviewed journal articles, the format should follow this example:

               Bahmani, M. (1985), "Devaluation and the J-curve: Some Evidence from ASEAN," Review of Economics and Statistics, 67(3), 500-514.

          d.  For internet references, the format should follow the following example:

  •  Setyari, Ni Putu W., Widodo, T., Purnawan, M E., (2016), "Industrial Capital Intensity And Comparative Advantages Dynamism Of Indonesian Export Products",, accessed on 8 January 2015, 12.30 west Indonesian time.

          e.  For Working papers or papers as part of conference proceeding, the format should follow the following example:

               Wong, F. (2010), "New Theories on Poverty," NBER Working Paper No. 9716, April, pp. 1-12, The University of Adelaide.

   13.  The authors should avoid redundant reference (papers appear in the Reference section, but they are not cited in the body of manuscript).

   14.  The authors should avoid missing reference (papers cited in the body of manuscript, but do not appear in the Reference section).

How to send the manuscript

  1. The manuscript in microsoft word should be sent in to JEP Open Journal System at
  2. A brief CV contains full name, academic title, institution, telephone, and mobile number should accompany the manuscript.
  3. After consulting with the peer reviewers, the decision of the manuscript will be informed to the authors by JEP OJS system.
  4. This journal charges the following author fees. check this url 





Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor).
  2. The submission file is in OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, RTF, or WordPerfect document file format.
  3. Where available, URLs for the references have been provided.
  4. The text is single-spaced; uses a 12-point font; employs italics, rather than underlining (except with URL addresses); and all illustrations, figures, and tables are placed within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end.
  5. The text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines, which is found in About the Journal.
  6. If submitting to a peer-reviewed section of the journal, the instructions in Ensuring a Blind Review have been followed.

Copyright Notice

Copyright of the article is in Jurnal Ekonomi Pembangunan


Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.


Author Fees

This journal charges the following author fees.

Article Publication: 1000000.00 (IDR)
If this paper is accepted for publication, you will be asked to pay an Article Publication Fee to cover publications costs.

If you do not have funds to pay such fees, you will have an opportunity to waive each fee. We do not want fees to prevent the publication of worthy work.