Publications :Twice a year (June and December)
DOI:prefix 10.23917
Print ISSN:0852-0976
Online ISSN:2460-3953
Business Model:Open Access
Publisher:Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Indonesia

The Jurnal Varidika is an open-access and peer-reviewed scholarly international journal published by the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, and publishes twice a year (June and December). We adhere to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which allows users to share, adapt, and redistribute responsibly by giving due credit to the original authors. Jurnal Varidika does not allow any commercial usage of articles published in this journal. The journal focuses on publishing research articles in the scope of digital technology in education, distance learning, character and culture-based education, STEAM-based education, and HOTS-based education. Before submission, the author(s) must adhere to the author's guidelines.

All submitted manuscripts will be initially reviewed by editors and then evaluated by a minimum of two international reviewers through the double-blind review process. This is to ensure the quality of the published manuscripts in the journal.

Before Submission
The author has to make sure that the manuscript has been prepared using Jurnal Varidika's template following the author's guidelines. The manuscript should also have been carefully proofread. Any manuscript which does not meet the author guidelines, is written in a different format, or has poor soundness of English, will be immediately rejected. The only manuscript which meets the Jurnal Varidika's template will be processed further.

Jurnal Varidika has been accredited in SINTA 3 based on the decision letter of the Indonesian Minister of Higher Education and Technological Risearch No. 79/KPT/2023, and has been indexed and abstracted in the following databases: DIMENSION | CROSSREF | GOOGLE SCHOLAR | GARUDA | BASE |

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The 2022 Journal Metrics: 

Peer reviews performance: 

  • Average time to decision following external review - 60 days
  • Average time from submission to acceptance - 72 days
  • Average time from acceptance to publication - 21 days

Authors' countries of origin: 

  • Indonesian - 13 (50%)
  • Malaysia - 1 (4%)
  • Turkey - 1 (4%)
  • Nigeria - 5 (19%)
  • Canada - 3 (12%)
  • Iraq - 3 (12%)
  • Article page views - 39899
  • Article downloads - 73621
  • Manuscript submission - 47
  • Accepted manuscript - 22
  • Acceptance rate - 46%





Moving system jurnal


we the journal manager will soon move to the OJS 3 journal system, and will soon close the OJS 2 system, even so the OJS 2 journal system can still be accessed by users 

the new link : https://journals2.ums.ac.id/index.php/varidika/user/register 

Posted: 2023-07-20

New Editorial Boards Membership From Vol. 33 No. 2 December 2021


Dear Jurnal Varidika Author

Since Volume 33 No 2, December 2021, the management of the Varidika Journal has changed its Chief-in-Editor. We say many thanks to Prof. Dr. Sutama, M.Pd. for his dedication while managing Jurnal Varidika up to Volume 33 No 1. Next, we would like to welcome Naufal Ishartono, M.Pd. who became Chief-in-Editor of Jurnal Varidika for Vol. 33 No. 2 and for the next publication. Hopefully, Jurnal Varidika will become a reputable and international-scale journal.

Posted: 2022-04-16

New Journal Template

For the publication starting from Volume 34 No 1, June 2022, Jurnal Varidika has published the new journal template. Hence, please use the new journal template for the publication.  
Posted: 2022-04-16

Paper Language

Starting from January 2022, Jurnal Varidika only accept a paper that has been strictly adjusted with the journal template and uses proper English.  
Posted: 2022-01-18

New Journal Cover

The new journal cover that will represent the new management of the journal.  
Posted: 2021-12-31 More...

Volume 35, No 2 December 2023

Jurnal Varidika Volume 35 Issue 2 December 2023 has been available online since 31 December 2023 for the regular issue of December 2023. Eight articles in the issue are 24 authors' works coming from 3 countries of origin (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philipine)

Table of Contents


Muhammad Fahmi Johan Syah Google Scholar  Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta,
Sharul Effendy Janudin Google Scholar  Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia,
Mahaliza Mansor Google Scholar  Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia,
Djalal Fuadi Google Scholar  Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Indonesia,
Suranto Suranto Google Scholar  Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Indonesia,
Defri Nur Romadhoni Google Scholar  Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Indonesia,
Angelia Suci Nur Hafidah Google Scholar  Universitas Muhamadiyah Surakarta, Indonesia
Rahayu Febri Riyanti Google Scholar  Univesitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Indonesia,
Fitri Puji Rahmawati Google Scholar  Univesitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Indonesia,
Arifah Dwi Widyastuti Google Scholar  University of Northem Philippines, Philippines,
Lina Hasna Google Scholar  Sekolah Indonesia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dewi Mekarsari Oktaviyani Google Scholar  Universitas PGRI Yogyakarta, Indonesia,
Niken Wahyu Utami Google Scholar  Universitas PGRI Yogyakarta, Indonesia,
Gusnandar Yoga Utama Google Scholar  SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics, Indonesia
Yohanis Ndapa Deda Google Scholar  Universitas Timor, Indonesia
Efi Alfillaili Google Scholar  MTs Salafiyah Syafi'iyah Tebuireng, Indonesia,
Lia Budi Tristanti Google Scholar  STKIP PGRI JOMBANG, Indonesia,
Nurwiani Nurwiani Google Scholar  STKIP PGRI JOMBANG, Indonesia
Aisyah Nur Ilfiana Google Scholar  Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia,
Ika Maryani Google Scholar  Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia
Rauzah Rauzah Google Scholar  Universitas Syiah Kuala, Indonesia,
Linda Vitoria Google Scholar  Universitas Syiah Kuala, Indonesia
Nur Azizah Mukarromah Google Scholar  Universitas PGRI Banyuwangi, Indonesia,
Rachmaniah Mirza Hariastuti Google Scholar  Universitas PGRI Banyuwangi, Indonesia