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Forum Geografi (ISSNĀ 0852-0682/ 2460-3945) is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal on both physical and human geography with special interest to spatial and regional analysis by applying GIS and/or remote sensing techniques. This journal is published semi-annually online and print by Muhammadiyah University Press in collaboration with Faculty of Geography UMS and Indonesian Geographical Society. Manuscripts submitted to this journal must be original and have a contribution to the field. The scopes of this journal include the following fields.

- Human and environment interaction
- Geomorphology: process and modelling
- River basin: process and modelling
- GIS and/or Remote sensing-based disaster-related study
- Urban, rural and regional study

Vol 35, No 2 (2021): December 2021

This issue is in progress and subject to change.

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Beny Harjadi
Ratri Ma'rifatun Nisaa', Junun Sartohadi, Djati Mardiatno
Ahmad Nubli Gadeng
Dewi Liesnoor Setyowati